Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Time is Here....

Gabriel is a full-fledged kid now. And Carys is running after him.

I've been pretty tired and sick and busy lately and am getting a little behind on Christmas decorations. (At least I got their Christmas pictures made, people will think I'm on top of things!) The other day, we put up our Christmas tree. This was basically Carys' idea. They put one up at school and talked about the one's that were up at home...but ours wasn't up. Of course, the tree looks ridiculous. (the same word Gabriel used for the sweater in the Christmas picture) It is so small compared to our big new space. (Note to self: buy a bigger Christmas tree on sale after the holidays.) But it's there. Of course that's about it. No presents bought, no decorations up... On the way home almost every day Gabriel ask why everyone else gets to put decorations up. "We will soon, Gabe. When we have daylight." The other day we took my mom out for her birthday dinner. On the way, Gabriel said, "Mom, I guess I need to write a letter to Santa so it'll get to the North Pole on time since I haven't seen him yet." OK, talk about guilt. We went to see Santa after dinner. Of course Carys whispered to him from about 5 feet away what she wanted. She wasn't trusting a guy dress in a crazy red suit. That same night, Gabriel dug through the Christmas box and found his stocking. He hung it on the doorknob.

I know what he was thinking.

"Poor Mommy, she really doesn't have this mom thing down yet."