Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carys' song about Hannah Montana

Carys always makes up songs. They are usually a bunch of made up words that rhyme. Tonight she wrote one about Hannah Montana(who we don't even watch. I guess commercials and toys make her want to sing about her.) I decided to write down her words.

hannah montana
is a good girl
and everyone kno-ows
monster to-oes

and everyone ju-umps
melti mo-onks

walk and ta-alk
a lo=ot
monkey mo-ock

melti to me

and you're a good girrl
broken i-in
circle me-en

circle wa-ays
melti ca-an

and the molgi si-ings
after you we-ent

you are the bestest
and the messiest

And the babies

melti lo-ot
pickle slo-ot

and you go to wa-alk
and the kangeroo mo-ops

in the pa-ark
and the marke marke mark

You're a good girl

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A promise to you...

What can I say. I've been MIA. For a while. Ok. For a LONG time.

But I have been busy.

January - May
I had two kids, worked full time, went to school and night while I was pregnant.

May 17, 2007
Then I had a baby. 3 kids — what more do I have to say.
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Lena Elizabeth Carson (photo by Andrea Reed Photographry)

August 20, 2007
I attempt to work, go to school, mother three kids AND breastfeed exclusively (which I did, by the way, and still am.) But instead I went crazy.

Sometime in September
Yeah, I really don't know the date. Due to the craziness, it could've come any later. I quit work. My first time as a stay at home mom. I am loving it. There are days where I'm still crazy (most days), but it's a good kinda crazy.

Anyways, to my original promise. I promise to keep this blog updated. Because I sure don't get to keep most of you updated. Heck, I barely keep myself informed these days.

So... stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My new boss

Gabriel is now my boss. He just came up to me and gave me a list of things we were to do before the baby is born.

"Mom, we've got to make some changes around here."

"We do, like what?"

"Well, number one, we need to get rid of all of this junk."

"OK, good idea."

"Number two, we have to buy some toys for the baby.'


"Number three — are you writing this down? We've got to make some LIFE CHANGES!"

"Life Changes? What kind of life changes?"

"You and Papa have to make more money so we can all go to the Nick Hotel"

OK, this is from watching way too much nickelodeon. We watch it in the mornings while mommy is getting ready and in the evenings while mommy is cooking dinner. If we didn't, I would have a lot more "junk" to clean up.

"Number 4, we need to stop eating all of this candy"

We don't eat much candy, but Papa thinks the big bowl of candy we've had since halloween (and is still filled to the rim) must keep getting refilled because how can we leave it sitting there and not eat it??? SELF CONTROL!

"Number 5, we have got to get a chair for the new baby!"

Number 6 through 10 was put all of the bags in the trash, buy some MORE toys for new baby, get rid of his five-year-old gut (where did he get this?), and again pick up all of the trash in our house.

I'm sorta proud. I've created a little list maker. This is what I do, make lists. I have an ongoing list. The funny thing is I've never dictated this stuff to anybody. He must get that part from his dad.