Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carys' song about Hannah Montana

Carys always makes up songs. They are usually a bunch of made up words that rhyme. Tonight she wrote one about Hannah Montana(who we don't even watch. I guess commercials and toys make her want to sing about her.) I decided to write down her words.

hannah montana
is a good girl
and everyone kno-ows
monster to-oes

and everyone ju-umps
melti mo-onks

walk and ta-alk
a lo=ot
monkey mo-ock

melti to me

and you're a good girrl
broken i-in
circle me-en

circle wa-ays
melti ca-an

and the molgi si-ings
after you we-ent

you are the bestest
and the messiest

And the babies

melti lo-ot
pickle slo-ot

and you go to wa-alk
and the kangeroo mo-ops

in the pa-ark
and the marke marke mark

You're a good girl