Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I hope my kids don't remember this...

I'm pregnant. We are excited and can't wait to have another child.

But I do not remember feeling this sick with Gabe and Carys. I had morning (all-day-long) sickness with both of them. But I guess it was easier without kids ( or with just one). I could go home and go to bed and sleep it off. To top it off I got a nasty upper respiratory infection. I thought I would die. For the past 4 weekends all I have done is lay on the couch and sleep. Yes, Gabriel has watched way too much spongebob and Carys had cut up, painted on, glued on way too many things she shouldn't have. I was in survival mode.

Usually before Halloween we go to a couple fall festivals, go on a hay ride, pick out costumes, go to the corn maize, carve pumpkins... Not this year. We have now seen every episode of spongebob, I believe. (I think it's on 20 out of 24 hours a day!!!)

Eddie went to Kroger and picked out a couple of costumes. A wizard and a bee. He's also been really good about cooking us Raman noodles and frozen pizzas.

But that's the great thing about kids. They didn't care. They loved sitting around making up their own fun. They don't know what they missed. I heard no complaining about not doing anything. But I did get to see Gabe and Carys dump out a bunch of boxes of clothes in their room and make a train!

And Gabe can quote spongebob better than any other almost 5 year old I know.

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Melody said...

They won't remember not going to all that stuff. They will remember playing and having a good time. They sound like me and you when we were kids. :)